In its thirty-five years of existence, STDM has kept pace with growing environmental challenges. Our vision of the city and of architecture has undergone a metamorphosis.
While one of our values has always been to design clear, innovative projects, today sustainable development and the circular economy are at the heart of our thinking.
We believe that development and innovation must serve the environment. In particular, our office is BIM Ready certified, as we are convinced of the benefits of this method for the development of the circular economy.
Every project is different. We always aim for the right balance, designing projects that are mindful of the quality of life of their occupants, that create emotion, that rise to technical challenges… but above all, projects that are as in tune as possible with today’s environmental challenges.
This awareness of environmental considerations is accompanied by a growing demand for quality of life, both individually and collectively. Our demand for health, living space, natural light and air quality is driving us towards the use of healthier materials.


Raising the quality of life, preserving the planet, seeking harmony – Our vision for a sustainable future.

STDM embodies a vision where harmony between the human being and his environment is paramount. We are committed to designing spaces that enhance the quality of life while recognizing that we have only one planet to preserve.

Our designs are rooted in a deep consciousness of the need to preserve all natural habitats, by integrating sustainable and innovative solutions for a future that respects our planet.

Our responsibility goes beyond mere design; it encompasses a vision for the future, a commitment to sustainability, and a contribution to a better world.

Promoting urban intensity, creating united communities, facilitating gentle mobility – Our vision for dynamic neighborhoods.

STDM’s urban projects take shape through our vision of “inten-city,” aiming to catalyze a sense of local community and sharing.

We propose urban developments that favor mixed and dynamic neighborhoods where everyone has easy access to nearby amenities and cultural resources, prioritizing active mobility for pedestrians and cyclists within the neighborhood and beyond.

Thus, we contribute to shaping inclusive, friendly, harmonious, and resilient urban environments for today and tomorrow.

Building with excellence, sustainability, and resilience – Our commitment to a strong and lasting legacy.

STDM stands out through its unwavering commitment to three fundamental pillars: the quality of construction, its sustainability, and its resilience. Each project is an opportunity for us to embody these principles in their entirety.

The quality of construction demands special attention to the choice of the most suitable materials and their simple and legible assemblies, considering that they are the essential links that guarantee the strength and durability of the constructions we design. These assemblies are meticulously studied, integrating best practices to result in durable, functional, and easily adaptable or reusable works.

Sustainability, for STDM, is an ethical and environmental imperative. We constantly seek to reduce our ecological footprint by favoring bioclimatic solutions and healthy materials. Our projects reflect a holistic approach, emphasizing a strong interaction between the built environment and the natural and human environment.

Resilience, finally, is the ability of our projects to adapt and endure in the face of changing times and challenges. Our thoughtful assemblies and our solid yet flexible approach aim to create resilient buildings and urban spaces that harmoniously integrate into the evolving social and environmental fabric.

Our commitment to these founding principles translates into a desire to create projects that transcend the ephemeral, leaving a lasting and conducive legacy for future generations.

Designing through co-creation – Our commitment to collaborative excellence.

STDM implements co-creation as the guiding principle of rigor, research, and innovation. We believe in the power of collective engagement and multidisciplinary collaboration to stimulate innovation, thus shaping creative and innovative solutions at every stage of our processes.

We encourage the exchange of ideas and contribution among the members of our teams, with our partners and clients, to share their respective perspectives and expertise, fostering a dynamic culture of progress in each of our projects.

This diversity of expertise informs our thinking, paving the way for innovative solutions that transcend traditional approaches. Each idea contributes to shaping innovative solutions tailored to contemporary challenges.

Developing skills, promoting fulfillment, innovating and excelling together – Our vision of a humane and friendly workshop.

At STDM, we embrace a culture where the fulfillment of its collaborators, associates, and partners is paramount. We encourage each other to continually improve our skills to overcome future challenges. Transversal and friendly communication is our cornerstone, fostering active listening and respect for everyone’s ideas.

This collaborative approach materializes in projects designed with rigor and precision, integrating groundbreaking advances to meet the specific needs of our clients and the community, thus reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Damien Balon Architect
Louise Bastin Architect
Bertrand Berhin Technician CAD/BIM modeler
Michaela Boudier Architect Team leader
Xavier Claire IT manager
Arnaud De Meyer Architect urban planner Partner - managing director
Laetitia De Theux Architect Monuments and sites specialist
Alix Duchamps Architect
Marine Fradin Architect
Mathias Gony Technician CAD/BIM modeler
Yan Hoffmann Architect
Marc Holstein Architect
Thomas Lefèvre Technician CAD/BIM modeler
Frédéric Legros Architect Partner - managing director
Christian Liewer Architect Team leader
Océane Madery Technician CAD/BIM modeler and coordinator
Irene Mendoza Architect
Oriana Morales Executive and administrative assistant
Gilles Muller Architect
Angelo Nanni Architect
Magalie Petit HR generalist
Emilien Poncelet Technician CAD/BIM modeler
Mélanie Reisenthel Finance and Administration manager Partner - managing director
Mélody Renaud Technician CAD/BIM modeler
Nick Santana Technician CAD/BIM modeler
Martin Senkar Architect engineer BIM coordinator
Nico Steinmetz Architect urban planner Partner
Muriel Vereecken Architect Associate
Valentina Verri Architect Partner - managing director