The Kinnen Square in Dudelange received a COMMENDATION at the Bauhärepräis award ceremony.


🏆 We are proud to announce that our Kinnen Square redevelopment project in Dudelange received a COMMENDATION at the Bauhärepräis award ceremony last night at the Philharmonie de Luxembourg, in the “Territorial Planning / Urbanism / Landscaped Spaces” category.

To revitalise the town centre, we needed a shared space and a more attractive and safer Kinnen Square; a Shared Space. This led to a reorganisation of traffic, with a guidance system for people with reduced mobility, structural lines on the ground in dark granite crossing the surfaces to create a spontaneous slowing effect for motorists, and traffic regulation with retractable bollards.

The new Kinnen Square features benches and seating in various forms that invite passers-by to stop, mature trees that were carefully maintained throughout the works alongside new plantings, and a playful water jet for the summer months.

With these elements, and the cafés and restaurants around that can now extend their terraces, this public space, which had been a car crossroads at the foot of the church since the 1960s, has transformed into a welcoming new public square for pedestrians and cyclists, shaded by trees.

This project is the culmination of “shared spaces” developed in three phases since 2015!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success!

Client: City of Dudelange
Architect: STDM architects urbanists
Civil engineering & technical: Schroeder & Associés S.A.

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