Doki-Doki Luxembourg – Osaka 2025 pavilion
GIE Luxembourg@Expo2025Osaka
€7 000 000
1 395m2
STDM team
Arnaud De Meyer, Marc Holstein, Gilles Muller, Claire Plancheria, Emilien Poncelet, Nico Steinmetz, Valentina Verri
Ney & Partners
Betic Ingénieurs-Conseils
Betic Ingénieurs-Conseils
jangled nerves
Circular strategy
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Doki-Doki Luxembourg – Osaka 2025 pavilion

The project “Doki-Doki – The Luxembourg Heartbeat” won the architecture competition for the Luxembourg pavilion at the OSAKA 2025 World Exhibition.

In Japan “doki-doki” refers to a heartbeat and is used to express enthusiasm and excitement. A heart that beats is what we all have in common, it is a fundamental sharing that illustrates the theme “Connecting Lives”.

The pavilion is both welcoming and intriguing. It is a resting place in the middle of the tumult that invites you to discover and offers a stimulating journey through the many facets of Luxembourg.

It expresses the 3 main themes: Uniqueness – Diversity – Territory.

A unique cover: The large stretched canvas fulfills the structural and sealing functions and also communication with the public. It comes alive to the rhythm of the following calendar of Luxembourg life. It is a daily show for visitors.

An artificial landscape: composed of various volumes adapted to the scenography. Their layout generates outdoor spaces integrating the expectation as well as a lively and welcoming.

A journey of discovery: The well-being and quality of the visitor experience is at the heart of the pavilion’s design. As in the characteristic landscapes of the Luxembourg territory the journey through the pavilion is made of discoveries. The vegetation is very present.

The design objective requires maximum value for money. The construction is as efficient and light as possible. The design preserves the integrity of the components without transforming them to allow their reuse at equal value. The pavilion’s component volumes are dimensioned on the Japanese standard tatami frame and thus correspond to the future needs of any Japanese standard construction. It is completely removable.

The Luxembourg pavilion of the OSAKA 2025 World Exhibition will be a modest manifesto, coherent and pragmatic fields of achievable possibilities within the framework of the application of the principles of the circular economy at the service of quality of life and human experience.

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