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Neudorf breweries
HF Immobilier (ATENOR)
11 400m2
STDM team
Léonard Allemandou Christophe Braquez Martine Bosch Marta Cesarska Laetitia Da Luz Audrey Deheneffe Arnaud De Meyer Etienne Duval Silvia Matias Francisca Marzotto Martin Senkar Nico Steinmetz Simon Tourbach Muriel Vereecken
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Bohumil Kostohryz, Marc Holstein (STDM)
Project Management
ATENOR Group Luxembourg, Optim-Solutions SARL
BAGON Ingénieurs-Conseils ; TPF Group
TPF Luxembourg SA
D2S International
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Neudorf breweries

The former Funck breweries are an emblem of the past activities that have shaped the identity and character of the Neudorf valley district in Luxembourg.

The challenge of this project is to perpetuate this identity by giving a second life to the historic buildings, which will be highlighted on a new public square with shops and 90 housing units with a wide range of configurations.

The narrowness and the pronounced topography of the site with a cliff to the south-east constitute other challenges that feed the unique architecture of the project. On the cliff side, the pleated facade develops a maximum of facets to catch the light and hang the balconies as in an Italian theatre where each dwelling has a front row seat to this spectacular relief and the southern orientation, while preserving intimacy in this dense neighbourhood.

On the street side, the loggias structure the facade and make each dwelling identifiable with more discretion and by ensuring the calm of the dwellings facing a very busy street.

The recessed roofs and floors provide other types of housing with roof terraces in order to take full advantage of this exceptional location, which offers unique views along the axis of the valley as far as the Old Town of Luxembourg.

The sober architecture links the scale of the old industrial buildings with the typical buildings of the area. The use of copper-coloured zinc subtly echoes the old brewery tanks.

The quality of living together in collective housing depends on good management of the limits between the public and private spheres, as well as on the daily enhancement of the common good shared equitably: a heritage, a history, an exceptional site.

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