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Pfaffenthal public lift
Ville de Luxembourg
€6 707 886
STDM team
Arnaud De Meyer Xavier Lichtfus Wael Mouawad Diego Pirra Nico Steinmetz Marcin Tezca
Bohumil Kostohryz / Paulo Lobo
InCA Ingénieurs-Conseils
Jean Schmit Engineering
Health and Safety
BEST Ingénieurs-Conseils
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Pfaffenthal public lift

The site of the City of Luxembourg, built on a cliff, is characterised by an irregular topography which constitutes a major constraint for non-motorised travel. The creation of mechanical means of transport that allow the crossing of the difference in level between the upper and lower town is therefore a major challenge in order to increase the modal share of cycling and soft mobility in general.

STDM has placed the experience of users, and particularly that of cyclists, at the heart of the design of the public lift in the Pfaffenthal district. The layout of the upper and lower accesses and the double-door cabin make it possible to remain in the saddle and preserve forward movement, making travel more fluid and pleasant.

More than a technical equipment, the lift offers a unique experience to visitors with an unobstructed view at the end of the footbridge of one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city, accentuated by a playful experience of emptiness and height, as well as a spectacular vertical movement in the landscape.

A real work of art, a feat of structural engineering, the lift is also a technological innovation in many respects in the world of high rise lifts. The composition of 3 juxtaposed elements: the tower, the footbridge and the bracon, gives the Pfaffenthal public lift a refined elegance that reinforces its status as a landmark in the city’s landscape.

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