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Urban project Jardins de Luxembourg
Les Jardins de Luxembourg SA
76 160m2
Christof Weber
Schroeder & Associés
Landscape architect
AREAL Landscape Architecture
Civil Engineering
Schroeder & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils
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Urban project Jardins de Luxembourg

Les Jardins de Luxembourg is an urban development project located on the former site of the Luxlait dairy, in the heart of a residential district in the west of Luxembourg City.

The challenges of densifying the city in a peripheral district were a major consideration for STDM, which was already preoccupied at the time with participating in sustainable development and working on the major advantages of densification with a view to the communitisation of resources and infrastructures: proximity to the city center, public transport, services and facilities.

The quality of housing in the city is one of the keys to this, intimately linked to its built and, above all, unbuilt environment: quality public spaces for residents and visitors alike.

The urban project is therefore based on a development that builds on existing urban structures and revolves around a reinvented, lively and attractive Place Thorn, linking the inhabitants of the new district with those of the existing one, and marked on one side by the magnificent plane trees of the boulevard, then encircled by buildings offering a good mix of housing and offices with shops on the ground floor.

Opposite the square, a new public park forms the main connecting element in the depth of the former dairy site. This public green space creates a complementary meeting and relaxation place for local residents. At the south-eastern end of this park, a very elongated square takes over the vegetation in the form of a “green lens”, a kind of dilation of the central park along the buildings aligned opposite. From this lens, pedestrian connections to the exterior of the site form natural extensions to existing and future neighborhoods.

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