Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Luxembourg Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka


On 25 January, Arnaud De Meyer represented STDM as part of the Luxembourg delegation to Japan for the Ji Chin Sai of the Luxembourg pavilion as part of the World Expo to be held in Osaka in 2025. Luxembourg is therefore the first participating country to hold this ceremony!
This ritual, also known as “ground breaking”, is a traditional Japanese ceremony that takes place before the construction of any new building. Literally meaning “pacification of the grounds”, these rites of purification and restoration of harmony are intended to express gratitude and respect to the Kami (deity, spirit), to ask for their protection during the work, and to pray for the health and prosperity of those who will walk through the doors of the new building
The highlight of this ceremony is when the project representatives ‘break the ground’ by cutting the grass at the top of the mountain with a sickle, removing stones with a hoe and digging up the ground with a spade.

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