Bauhäreprais OAI 2020: 4 awards for our clients!


We are honored and proud to have accompanied our award-winning building owners on stage 4 times at the OAI Bauhäreprais 2020 awards ceremony:

  • The City of Luxembourg received the SPECIAL AWARD FOR ACCESSIBILITY as well as a MENTION in the category WORKS OF ART / INFRASTRUCTURE for the Pfaffenthal lift.
  • The City of Dudelange received a MENTION in the category LAND-USE PLANNING / URBAN PLANNING for the Place Am Duerf and the Shared Space avenue Grand-Duchesse Charlotte.
  • Mr. Pit Seven received the SPECIAL AWARD for EXEMPLARY ENERGY RENOVATION for the Mamerhaff project.

The quality of the relationship of trust that we create and maintain with our clients is highlighted and rewarded. It is an essential element for the success of the projects.

“A good project is above all a good client.”

His confidence is not due, it is earned and maintained throughout the project.

To relive the evening:

Photo: Maison Moderne


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